Viko hotel shall be obliged to provide the use of services, requested and paid by the client under a reservation, in their full amount according to the data provided by the client through the reservation form for: Customer name, period, number of nights of stay, number of adults and children, regular and extra beds, price per night.

In the reservation, as babies are accepted children under the age of 2 years as at the date of arrival. In the reservation, as children are accepted guests under the age of 2 years to 12 years, as at the date of arrival. A guest, who has reached the age of 12 years as at the date of accommodation, shall be accounted for as an adult.

You can make requests for reservation:

On our website – – online reservation portal

By e-mail:


Online reservations:

Through the on-line reservation portal of our website you are able to make a reservation by yourself immediately according to the parameters set by you.

Thus, you will immediately receive a confirmation for successful and 100% guaranteed reservation after credit card authorization for the first night of your stay.

The field for additional information in the “request for reservation” form does not have binding character for Viko hotel, as all desires of the customer, completed in the field in question, will be satisfied if possible.

The prices on the website of Viko Hotel are in EURO, with included 9% VAT and insurance. The tourist tax is additional amount of 1.00 ( BGN) per night/per person.

The total amount due from the customer on the reservation is calculated, depending on the number of days, number of adults and children, and the actual price offer for the corresponding period.

Accepted credit cards on site at the hotel:

We accept payments with Visa, Visa Electron, V pay, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic or Maestro cards.


Please keep in mind that guests without 100% advance payment of the reservation will not be accommodated.

Viko Hotel reserves its right to change the prices and special offers on its website depending on the demand and the currently available vacancies. In case of confirmed and paid reservations, the amount due does not change, regardless of the presented new price offers.

Reservations and inquiries via e-mail:

If you want to take advantage of this form of reservation, you have to send a short inquiry to our e-mail: including the following information – customer name, period, number of nights to stay, number of adults and children (age), regular and extra beds. After that you will receive an accommodation offer. Please note that the offer is valid for a 4-day period after receiving the offer. To guarantee your reservation you have to pay a deposit equal to 100% of the calculated price. The payment can be made via bank transfer or by completing and authorization form.

By completing, signing and sending the authorization form form, the Client gives his/her consent for using the details of the card ( number, CVC code) in order to be blocked the specified in the reservation amount. For greater security of your data it is recommended the authorization form to be sent to:

The amount of your reservation will be blocked after the authorization form is received.

Upon successful blocking of the amount, you will receive a confirmation for guaranteed reservation.


Bookings in which the reserving person has indicated in the authorization form a foreign debit/credit card are not accepted. If the reserving person cannot indicate his/her own debit/credit card, in order to ensure his/her booking with advance payment he/she may pay via a bank transfer.

For reservations in which the person making the reservation is different from the user of the reservation we advise you to make an advance payment via bank transfer. 

In case of reservation with a starting date on the next day and in cases where there is no more than three days between the date of the reservation and the date of the accommodation, we advise you to complete an authorization form, which will speed up the process of acceptance, processing, confirmation and guaranteeing your reservation.


Via bank transfer

If you choose this payment method, it is necessary to send a copy of the payment order or deposit slip to e-mail: As mandatory you should enter the number of the offer as reason for payment.

Upon successful payment of the value of the reservation on the offer, you will receive an invoice for advance payment and confirmation of the guaranteed reservation.

Please, address your questions, related to reservations in Viko Hotel to e-mail: or to telephone: +359 2 451 0000.



Viko Hotel reserves its right to charge, withhold and require from the customers all amounts for penalties on canceled, changed or early terminated reservations according to the announced cancellation conditions:

Cancellations and changes without penalty shall be made up to 7 days before the date of accommodation, as the full amount shall be refunded.

In case of cancellation or changes up to 3 days before the date of arrival as a penalty shall be withheld the amount of 1-night stay.

In case of cancellation or changes after this period or in case of nonarrival the total value of the reservation shall be withhold as a penalty.

In case of shortened stay, the value of the unused part of the reservation shall not be refunded.

In cases of force majeure, imposing cancellation or change of the reservation, it is necessary the relevant documents and evidence to be submitted. Then the refund of the paid amounts is at the discretion of Viko Hotel.

The refunding of the paid amounts on canceled reservations, will be made on the manner in which the payment is received:

When paying with a debit/credit card – via a transaction on the card, with which the payment on the reservation has been made. In case the payment is made with a bank card, the refund is made by ordering a reverse operation on the card with which the payment was made within 10 days.

When paying by bank transfer – via bank transfer on the account, from which the payment on the reservation is received;

The refund of amounts shall be made in 10-day period from the date of the cancellation.


Your personal data are protected under the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and are used solely by the booking department of Viko Hotel.

Viko Consult Ltd., owner of Viko Hotel, is entered in the register of the legal entities – administrators of personal data under № 427458.

Your personal data will not be provided to third parties.