The Bells Monument

The Bells monument is situated 14 km eastwards from the centre of Sofia at the foot of Vitosha Mountain. Children from all over the planet built into the unique monument thier faith in the good and bright days without war and violence to come.

Location: Vitosha Mountain

Tsar Liberator Monument

The Monument to the Tsar Liberator is a monument in the centre of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It was erected in honour of Russian Emperor Alexander II who liberated Bulgaria of Ottoman rule during the Russo-Turkish War.

Location: Downtown (East)

Monument of Bulgarian volunteers

The monument of the Bulgarian volunteer units (so called “opulchentsi”) who fought with the Russian Army against Ottoman Turkey in the Bulgarian Liberation War of 1877-78 is located behind the Military Club. It is a seven-meter high bronze monument – a copy of the famous painting of Jaroslav Veshin “The Samara Flag” (1911).

Location: Downtown (East)

Saint Sofia Statue

If you happen to pass the Sofia city center, you will definitely notice the Statue of Saint Sofia standing on a column in the middle of a bussy crossroad. Her golden face look upon the Batemberg square, where TZUM, The presidensy and the Government houses are situated.

Location: Downtown (West)

The Unknown Warrior Monument

The Monument to the Unknown Warrior is a monument in located next to the 6th-century Church of St Sophia, on Alexander Nevsky Sqr. The monument commemorates the hundreds of thousands of Bulgarian soldiers who died in wars defending their homeland Bulgaria. Ceremonies involving the President of Bulgaria and foreign state leaders are often performed here.

Location: Downtown (East)

Vasil Levski Monument

The Monument to Vasil Levski commemorates the hanging of Bulgarian national hero and major revolutionary figure Vasil Levski. He was hanged by the Turks on February 18th 1873 on the same place where the obelisk now stands. At this time that was outside the city of Sofia.

 Russian monument

The Russian Monument is an obelisk: a rectangular pyramid with a truncated top and a three-step pedestal. The eastern side of the memorial features a marble relief of the coat of arms of Russia and the Order of St. George, and a text commemorating Alexander II in pre-reform Russian. The western side features another inscribed plate.

Location: West region

Soviet Army Monument

The Monument to the Soviet Army was built in 1954 in Sofia. The monument is surrounded by a large park where many young people gather. The monument is located on Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard, near Orlov Most and the Sofia University.

Location: Downtown (East)

Stefan Stambolov Monument

The monument of Stefan Stamobolov was established at some tens of meters from the street where the politician was killed in broad daylight by two assassins in the late 19th century.

Location: Downtown (East)